[14/02/2017] [Market Update] (Source: COA)
Ensuring the Safety of School Lunch with Local and Traceable Ingredients of “Four Labels and One QR Code”

In order to fully achieve the five pillars of food safety, 2017 saw the start of a campaign to promote the use of organic, traceable agricultural product (TAP), those produced in compliance with certified agriculture standard (CAS), good agricultural practice (GAP), or agricultural products with traceability QR codes)...(Read More...)

[03/02/2017] [Market Update] (Source: COA)
Greenhouse Gas Reduction Management and Food Safety are Simultaneously Ensured as Taiwan’s Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Emission is Gradually Reduced Every Year
In order to manage the reduction of greenhouse gases (GHGs) and ensure the food safety, Taiwan has continued to promote political strategies such as organic agriculture, environment-friendly cultivation, rational fertilization, and  increasing efficiencies of livestock wastewater treatment with the objective of reducing GHGs emitted by agricultural...(Read More...)

[28/11/2016] [Market Update] (Source: COA)
TAP Identifies Safety and Sustainability of Agricultural Products more than Transparency and Traceability

Various print media published a full coverage of news report on November 25 which created serious confusion on the usage of terms “traceable agricultural products (TAP)”, “production traceability system”, and “QR code”...(Read More...)

[05/11/2012] [Market Update] (Source: COA)
When agriculture meets information technology - A roundup of the latest user-friendly scientific breakthrough
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology, which has already proven to be extremely effective in tracking and identifying people and products for logistic purposes, can be applied to the agricultural sector in two ways – production management (from tracking growth and reproduction records to...(Read More...)
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